Custom antibody development

Custom antibody generation

Polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies (hybridoma antibody protocol), custom protocols for the diagnostics field.

Customized antibody generation


Since 1975, Agro-Bio has been a key and steadfast partner to clients in the diagnostics field looking to develop new antibodies to biomarkers. 

Depending on the finale application of the antibody (e.g. a sandwich ELISA, a lateral flow test) and the nature of the antigen, we offer comprehensive strategies including immunogen synthesis or conjugation, monoclonal or polyclonal antibody generation, and validation of the finale application.

  • Type of immunogen: chemical, peptide, protein, virus, bacterium, DNA.
  • Type of screening: western blotting, ELISA, Biacoreā„¢, FACS.
  • Type of purification: protein A, protein G, affinity purification. 

All your antibodies developed in this way are royalty-free (fee-for-service).