Antibody engineering

Agro-Bio offers a range of services to complement our custom antibody development.

Additional services for the diagnostics industry

We offer a number of additional engineering services for monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies or proteins: 

  • Immunotechnology:
    • Labelling: biotin, Alexa, HRP, FITC, KLH
    • Purification: depletion, affinity, protein A, protein G
    • Fragmentation: Fab, F(ab)’2
  • Cell culture:
    • Mycoplasma detection and suppression
    • Isotyping
    • Secure storage/Cell banking
  • Customized development and analysis:
    • Development of custom immuno-assays: sandwich ELISAs, lateral flow devices (LFDs)
    • Epitope mapping
    • Sequencing (variable region)
    • Biacore™ affinity analysis
    • Protein analysis by 2D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry