Quality policy

Quality management strategy

With client satisfaction uppermost in our minds, Agro-Bio has chosen to embark on a quality management strategy to make this notion one of the founding principles of our business culture and to incorporate it at every level of our operations.

Agro-Bio’s 3 core values are:

  • Innovation, Agro-Bio is working on a new and innovative range of products to give us a competitive edge
  • Quality, Agro-Bio leverages its know-how to ensure the quality of its products and services for the benefit of its clients
  • Agility, Agro-Bio combines organizational flexibility, responsiveness and rigour to adapt promptly to clients’ and partners’ requirements. 

Quality management


Agro-Bio has been ISO 9001 certified for many years as a commitment to our clients and to provide them the traceability they need.

Agro-Bio has been diversifying its business for several years, and has initiated ISO 13485 certification to allow further diversification. 

Agro-Bio adapts its quality management system over time, based on various values:

  • knowledge of science and biotechnology,
  • the appropriate response to meet the needs of our clients and markets,
  • high performance underpinned by entrepreneurial spirit and team spirit,
  • client satisfaction, through great products and excellent service,
  • adaptation to evolving legislation, regulations and standards,
  • sound ethics and the well-being of our partners and employees,
  • the environment, which takes an important place within the company, in particular through recycling, waste recovery, eco-responsibility and eco-friendly actions, pollution prevention and all other environmental issues,
  • continuous improvement, the very essence of Agro-Bio’s Quality Policy.


In accordance with applicable regulations and in order to produce the polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies required by research and industry needs, Agro-Bio is fully licensed to use animals for scientific purposes (licence no. B 45-146-01, issued by Loiret prefecture). Agro-Bio has its own Ethics Committee (registration no. 99).

To produce biological raw materials, Agro-Bio is: 

  • accredited as an intermediate plan for animal by-product by Loiret prefecture
  • authorized as a classified facility for the protection of the environment (ICPE) for various activities by Loiret prefecture.