Biacore™ analysis

Biacore™ analysis of your antibodies' interaction 

Biacore™ analysis of your antibodies’ molecular interactions


Analysis of the antibodies capabilities of binding in terms of affinity and binding mode can be analysed on Agro-bio’s Biacore™ platform. Agro-Bio’s Biacore™T200 is a highly sensitive system for real-time biomolecular interaction analysis, based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology.

One of both interaction partners of interest is immobilized on a sensor chip, while a solution containing the other  potential interaction partner is injected onto the chip. The interaction between the molecules is then measured in real time via the optical system measuring change of mass present on the sensorchip.


BIACORE enables us to perform various interaction analyses of your antibodies, like:

  • Hybridoma supernatants screening to select the hybridomas of interest to clone (affinity, pair of antibodies, binding mode,…)
  • Determination of antibody’s affinity constants for its target antigen: dissociation equilibrium constant KD, association rate constant ka (kon) and dissociation rate constant kd (koff)
  • Study the binding of an IgG antibody to FcγR receptors to validate in-vitro: antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), etc.
  • Study the binding of an IgG antibody to the FcRn (neonatal) receptor to validate in-vitro: IgG recycling (the antibodies’ half-life in the blood).
  • Comparison of human and cynomolgous (or any other animal species) ligand binding to validate the animal model for tox studies.


We adapt and optimize the assay format based on your antibody and the requested analysis.