Bulk polyclonal antibody production

When polyclonal antibodies are a critical raw material for your kits, ensure supplies of your antibody lots by making Agro-Bio your long-term partner.

Agro-Bio offers the in vitro diagnostics sector large-scale production of polyclonal antibodies specific for their target molecules.

Agro-Bio produces polyclonal antibodies in its own facilities from high-yield (volume and titre) animals such as goat, and rabbit using long immunization protocols.

The immunosera obtained can be purified (protein A or G, immunoaffinity purification, etc.), labelled (biotin, fluorescence, enzymes, etc.), and characterized (activity, affinity, purity, stability, etc.) depending on your requirements. 

We attach particular importance to providing high-performance, reproducible antibody lots, and offer the possibility of reserving lots and arranging staggered deliveries. 

Each lot is supplied with a detailed certificate of analysis.

Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified for all our services. We regularly invite our customers for audits.



  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Inter-lot reproducibility
  • Lot reservation
  • French research tax credit (CIR)