Agro-Bio's meeting in Flanders : HCP presentation

Agro-Bio's meeting in Flanders : HCP presentation


Contact our business developer Els Saesens to meet her and our HCP expert at your office, the last week of August in Belgium





Agro-Bio offers comprehensive and fully customized service in this regard: 


  • selection, qualification and suitability of the generic HCPs ELISA dilutional linearity, specificity, spike recovery, LOD/LOQ,
  • bulk production of process-specific HCP antibodies on rabbit, goat and chicken. Optimized immunisation protocols using SPF animals,
  • adapted purification processes: protein A/G vs affinity purification (HCP specific antibodies),
  • validation of HCP antibodies: coverage analysis by 2D-WB/2D-DIBE and immune-affinity fractionation,
  • development, qualification and manufacture of process-specific HCPs ELISA kits.

Els Saesen - els.saesen(at) - + 336 32 18 34 79

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